October 19, 2021

39 thoughts on “WRATH OF MAN Trailer 2 (2021)

  1. Wrath of "Man" Why would you have man in the title in 2021? That't not gender-inclusive. Thats such a backwards way of thinking and its imposing a gender construct. Thats sexist and transphobic. I hate the movie already.

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  3. Man John Wick inspired alot movies.What if John Wick had a son and was portrayed by Jason Statham.I see where this movie is going

  4. John Wick: he's the boogeyman.
    Wrath of man: he's a dark fucking spirit.

  5. More violence for us to enjoy, what more could a fellow human being want? Now if only this could happen in real life….Oh, yikes, it does!! It just doesn't look as real….

  6. Gotta have a stripper scene with Malone in the movie, definitely some weed.

  7. Hell yeah…👊👊👊👊 John wick its a child inside a kinder garden now 😂😂😂😂😂

  8. When the guy from the transporter wanted to live in peace but someone fucked up his retirement..

  9. Jason Statham shoots.
    Jason Statham kills.
    Jason Statham fights.
    I am waiting for it.

  10. I just watch this lastnite st the cinema ….cool shit …and he just refuse to die…😂

  11. Ha! The Return of Bad Ass Guy movies! Love it!!!! Cant wait to see it. Warming up by watching the John Wick Trilogy… again!

  12. This like John Wick accept
    Dog to Son
    Long hair to Bald
    Babayaga to dark fucking spirit

  13. I'm getting thrilled to this movie as we finally have him back to the big screen.

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