September 17, 2021

44 thoughts on “WHAT IF… ? Trailer 3 (2021)

  1. So, does that mean T'challa is the son of Ego in one level of the MCU Multiverse, and Queen Ramonda, instead of Meredith Quill had an affair with a 'space man'?

    I can hear the alternate line: 'He ain't from Wakanda, that's all I know.'

    Uatu: 'WHAT IF…?'

  2. Im sure/hope "What if" it's gonna be canon in the MCU, introduced like one (or a few) of the universes of the multivers in the Dr.Strange movie or the next season of Loki or even in Spiderman no way home or in a combination of all this shows

  3. I don't get why people are excited for this. It's a show that will literally be about every epic thing they could've done, but didn't do because "it's not Disney".

    It's a show that'll tell you:
    "You think like the MCU now? Well wait untill you hear every idea we had but scrapped because it was either too expensive, too scary or too dark."

  4. I watched this trailer in 0.25*speed and gamora was wearing endgame thanos suit and using the double edged sword!😯😯

  5. Hmm…I feel like these story lines are more just super outlandish crazy entertainment than deep, actually interesting "what if" questions. I wish they would have done storylines like –

    What if Captain America made it home and lived through the decades with Peggy without ever seeing the 21st century?
    What if Yondu told Peter who his father was as a child? Or if Peter's mother never got cancer and he lived on earth?
    What if Tony died from that bomb instead of becoming Iron Man?
    What if Loki was chosen to become King by Odin instead of Thor?
    What if T'Challa lived in America instead of Killmonger?

    The only one I'm really excited for is Killmonger teaming up with Ironman. But other than that, I feel like there are so many really deep, awesome storylines that could have happened if "fate" (or the writers) deviated just the SLIGHTEST bit and they just went with "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if…" 🙁

    Not gonna stop me from watching it, but still XD

  6. Was this originally planned to be an animation or were there issues with the casts/production that decidingly make it an animation

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