November 28, 2021

29 thoughts on “Wasp Network | Official Trailer | Netflix

  1. Great film………and congratulations to the person who coached the Cuban accents…..absolutely perfect!

  2. This movie is missing a lot of action. There’s unnecessary dialogue and the story shifts awkwardly. The trailer is more exciting than the movie. I’d give it ⭐️⭐️ out of 5

  3. Finished the movie on Netflix pretty good I don’t know why they didn’t execute the spies tho it’s a capital offense but glad the rats got caught….

  4. Penelope's Cuban accent is good in this film. Not 100 but really good and subtle. Gael's is horrible, he actually did better in that film where he played a Chileno. Its funny, Penelope sounds like a Cuban who has been living in Madrid for a while.
    Finally, I hate to be crass, but Ana de Armas is hotter than a crack ho's mouth. This is a decent film, very accurate, I actually remember when all this was happening.

  5. Watch any series or movie from Spain and you’ll quickly see that Cuban Spanish and euro Spanish aren’t that different from certain parts. Listen to C Tangana he has a very similar swag to Cuban . County Spaniard also have a similar twang to Cubans. But it all depends if what parts of the countries you are comparing. Penelope Cuz did outstanding. Very convincing.

  6. Ana Margarita Martínez notified Netflix that they are going to be sued…..Netflix had it coming for using Her in the Movie without Her consent .

  7. And this is the reason why people want to go to America …..freedom, hope and dreams! Yet we have racist Americans telling foreigners to.not come here because they will take our jobs🤦🏻‍♂️

  8. This is pure Communist Propaganda. Shame on Netflix for making this film. This garbage supports the Castro regime and paints these people as heroes. It’s sad that even a Cuban, a Venezuelan, and a Spanish actor would lend their talents to lie about this. These Latino actors know the truth about Cuba’s history and their own country’s communist past and still couldn’t pass up the chance to make money off this. Communism is a lie and a cancer!

  9. This is pure Communist Propaganda! Shame on Netflix for making this film! I’m absolutely shocked they made this garbage supporting the Castro regime and painting these people as heroes.

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