November 28, 2021

41 thoughts on “Visions of Us: Groundbreaking Moments of Bisexual Latine Representation in TV & Film | Netflix

  1. shout out to all the bisexual men and masculine aligned nonbinary people of color, youre just as valid and deserve to be seen, heard and represented as well 💗💜💙🤎🖤
    and heres to more well done and accurate bisexual representation in general!
    im really glad that they brought up how bi men are hardly ever represented in the media, theres still so much work to be done but this is a huge step as well because in order for things to change we need to start having conversations like this.

  2. Rosa, I love you and you’re my favorite character in Brooklyn 99! You did a great job in this show!!!

  3. Thank you Netflix. You are awesome 👌 so awesome that you just lost a membership. Producing content that nobody gives a shet about.

    – Fabulous work much 👏.

  4. So why strong, opiniated, carefree, career ambitious, male dominated or not gotta be labeled and pressumed as BISEXUAL? they can be know! Why media pushing and portraying one sided aspects.???

  5. That person who said Callie was a queer character "although she was still saying bi at the time" excuse you? We couldn't cut that from this? Really disappointing when otherwise a good video.

  6. Ayo Netflix where’s the new season of the seven deadly sins, it’s 1:40 am and it’s not here you best have a reason for this.

  7. i didn't really mind latine in the other video but after seeing this person saying i agree with the rest lol

  8. I look at grey’s Anatomy the tv show and I agree with the character on grey’s AnatomyCallie Torres on Netflix

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  10. And dont you DARE to forget about the representation of asexual Chinese and Italians that are into BDSM! Its important! The communist party demands so!

    EWTN News In Depth – 2021-06-18 – A Look at the Ethical Implications of Redefining Sex

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