October 19, 2021

41 thoughts on “VENOM 2: LET THERE BE CARNAGE Trailer 2 (2021)

  1. Who knew woody Harrelson could play such a convincing psychopath who knew oh waitttttt every one just ask quintiinn Tarantino lolllll

  2. 0:47 so I noticed that the computer said daily bugle so I looked up the cast on Google and J.K Simmons is gonna be J. Jonah Jameson

  3. me:: eddie and annie should be together

    also me: he has a diamond partner that a man can ever have in this earth❤

  4. 1 This man turn into carnage 1:19
    2 carnage tough longer then venom 1:32
    3 Carnage stand up like he is the king of all venom 1:35
    4 I think that man looking for his child 1:44
    5 carnage have two hand but now he have four hand 1:47
    6 carnage vs venom 2:03
    7 carnage rip 2:07
    8 carnage eat venom head 😈 2:13

  5. Venom: Oh shit..
    Eddie: whoa.. where you going..
    Venom: That is a RED ONE!
    Eddie: you need to come out right now
    Eddie: I’ll let you eat everything
    Venom: Promise..
    Eddie: I PROMISE *scardly
    Venom: OH YEAH *turns back

  6. 1:49. I hate they turn villains into superheros. Venom is bad-ass but they made him look weak when he cowered from seeing the red carnage. Like when is venom gonna be the bad guy so he can fight spider man?

  7. Since Woody Harrelson is just so good I doubt they will kill him off he deserves his own movie

  8. facts about eddie and venom the reason venom didn't consume like kill eddie because they are meant to be loser's at there same place so they match together

  9. I had the trailer as the ad to this video, YouTube is doing trailer to a trailer in a whole new way. 😂

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