November 28, 2021

43 thoughts on “Unorthodox | Official Trailer | Netflix

  1. So many stories about people who are miserable and leave the community… why not a story of people who are happy being chassidic? Oh yea because of the anti religious agenda the media has!!

  2. I guess that it was no coincidence that they featured people of Yemeni and Ethiopian descent because they are are lot of news of these countries in Israel

  3. Ok once it ended I wanted to no more about her and see the next stage of her amazing strength and her future

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  5. It should be a choice whether someone wants to go to heaven in the afterlife or make life in this world a personal heaven

  6. I kind of find her stay in Berlin a bit too rosy so far. The group of stundets are all nice and forthcoming, even though she is this really weird kid, the orchestra director tells her about the scholarship but doesn´t even check if she can actually play, she sneaks into to the building for how long???

  7. “Wow, I didn’t know that Williamsburg was such a breeding ground of religious ultra fanatism, misogyny, oppresion, ignorance and psychological violence!”

    Muslim neighborhoods in New York: “hold my qamar al din”

  8. I'm psyched for the sequel! Producers have stated that in summer 2021 will get a fish-out-of-water Rom-Com following the ex husband called "Skanky Yanky: Big Trouble in the Big Apple"

  9. I don't care what people consider sacred or the label you give it. What's wrong is wrong, and we can't allow atrocities to continue.

  10. It's nice you can make things like this and Jewish people aren't that offensive.. Imagine if you did this about Muslims…

  11. For those who actually know, much of her story is fabricated lies. The atheists and Anti-Semites will never care enough to look into it. Any reason to hate religion is good enough for them. Even things made by a film studio by actors would be better than real life to them. No need to look into it. Trust Netflix they’ll feed you “reality” from a script. Nothing to see here.

  12. Religious Trauma Syndrome is a real thing despite what American religious people say. The UK recognises it as a legitimate diagnosis like PTSD. It's time for the US to do this as well.

  13. 5 STARS, to the actors, producers, directors, writers and to twc. this is the most professional work I ever saw, every detail is amazing.
    Growing up in the Satmar Community in Brooklyn, living in Alabama now, I must say, Deborah, u r a inspiration and amazing in what u do, I love ur book, the way u write and ur story is beautiful.
    From, the greatest rejection, comes the greatest reaction. (and action,lol.)

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