August 1, 2021

50 thoughts on “TURNING RED Trailer (2022) Pixar

  1. Oldies but goldies love you backstreet boys !! Thank you for a great childhood memories it’s been 22 years 🙂

  2. When your childhood favorite music is in a 2021 animated movie… Yyyyyyyaaaaayyyyy 😂😜🎶

  3. Why is it whenever one of Pixar’s short films or movies is set in Canada why are they so fucking weird ?

  4. When I noticed this was set in Canada I didn't think I'd be a Pixar movie
    My first thought was
    High budgeted provincial PSA on domestic abuse
    Basically We dont get alot of films set in Canada

  5. Can we just appreciate the fact that pixar is making a movie that take place in Canada

  6. Does the mother not have a job? She looks like she's got an office position and yet she's stalking her daughter at school and assaulting security guards.

  7. Peter doctor: OK this character is emotionally unstable, give her red curly hair.
    PIXAR worker: Uh, didn't we already do that with Luca…& Brave…& Ratatouille?
    Peter doctor: YES! & WE'RE DOING IT AGAIN!!

  8. Gotta admit, as someone who’s from Toronto, this was super cool to see. Can’t wait for the film to come out 🙂

  9. everyone uses self-diagnosed 'anxiety' as a way to avoid doing anything these days. I hope some resiliency is taught in the movie

  10. This movie remarks me "Katie Kaboom" from Animaniacs.
    "Larger than life" was one of my favorite songs during my teenage years.

  11. Disney is pumping Pixar like a storytelling machine, which pumps out gold eggs.

    Not that I have anything bad to say about 'Turning Red' or 'Encanto', yet- but they should really give Pixar time to come up with innovative Animation techniques and stories.

    'Luca' suffered for this, overall enjoyable- but the deep Pixar storytelling & Animation technique just wasn't there.

    Stop doing that, Disney- You might ruin the golden goose you are so lucky to have!

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