October 16, 2021

50 thoughts on “Top Gun: Maverick (2021) – Big Game Spot – Paramount Pictures

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  2. So it looks like it will be a good movie. I haven't seen much about anyone talking about the plot. From what I have seen in the trailers and the pictures that were posted online from the movie being filmed, like the pics showing Maverick and Rooster walking in the snow in flight suits. I figure that at some point Maverick and Goose's son, "Rooster", will get shot down behind enemy lines or in a unfriendly country that still flies the F-14 Tomcat. They will somehow steal a Tomcat from that country and fly home. Has anyone figured that out?

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  6. LLS(Lemuel’s Lair Studios): Paramount Studios, Click my video title PAW Patrol: The Movie T-Shirt Reveal.

  7. Hey Paramount Can You Upload The Teaser Trailer For The Upcoming Animated Movie:Rumble In Which It Was Seen In Front Of Sonic The Hedgehog

  8. Ladies and gentlemen this is hop 22 multiple aircraft multiple bogies you're training is half complete. 1st place hangman 2nd place rooster just two points behind.

  9. please release in hindi in india because we all tom huge fans soo hope you understand and i wish release in hindi

  10. Hey Paramount uuh..You guys have a problem someone just spoiled something INCREDIBLE for the sonic movie and I think you guys should take it down quickly. One was by..Ayoubi ii and the other sonic destiny.

  11. I was thinking another one Star Trek/The green lantern or Star Trek/The Legion of superheroes by IDW comics andDC comics in the full length animated movies

  12. Rooster: My dad believed in you. I'm not gonna make the same mistake. Me: You need to believe in him….If you're going to learn what you need to learn…to stay alive.

  13. This film looks so good, but at the same time, I am so disappointed with the areas of pollution and war that the film neglects. Pollution and war are serious issues in the world today. Top Gun, is driving the "War Machine" which we don't really need in this day and age.

  14. Tencent Pictures
    Let me guess, at the end he saves the day with the help of the Chinese or piloting a Chinese fighter…

  15. Alright!
    That's ENOUGH! No more trailers please; DO NOT ruin the movie for us,The anticipation is ENOUGH.

  16. When the first move came out, there was no internet, no mobile phones and 1986 was as far behind us as the year 2054 is in front of us!!

  17. One thing I noticed is that the airfield being used is NAS (Naval Air Station) North Island, not MCAS (Marine Corps Air Base) Miramar (formerly NAS Miramar, the original home of TOPGUN, and the airfield in the original movie). This is interesting. In 1996, TOPGUN was transferred to NAS Fallon in Nevada, and NAS Miramar was then given to the Marine Corps and renamed MCAS Miramar, as it is today. Since the movie follows Navy pilots, it makes sense that they are using a Navy airfield rather than one belonging to the Marine Corps. Purposeful or not, interesting detail Paramount. As someone who grew up hearing those F-14s at Miramar a mile away everyday, I like it.

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