October 19, 2021

29 thoughts on “TOM & JERRY: Tom Or Jerry Trailer (2021)

  1. Im so excited to the movie and tom and jerry is my favourite i love him and Jerry is so cute 🐹🐹

  2. I dident wacth Tom and jerry when I was young I am 11 but I am lookin forward

    Watching this movie and I always liked Tom and jerry

  3. Don't Expect this one if it's not coming to the big screens this year because were still under the pandemic. Infact! It's going to be on my mom's birthday.

  4. This is giving me nostalgia, I hope they don't pivot to far from the original Tom and Jerry humor of beating a cat senseless, the trailer says that they might actually do ok

  5. 1990's kids I love Tom and Jerry
    2000 men's I love Tom and Jerry
    2010 legends I love Tom and Jerry
    2020 ultra legends I love Tom and Jerry

    We love Tom and Jerry end of our life

  6. Ken is not that smart gets not of masked singers correct but he was the first person to guess the person correct on the masked dancer bill nye who was the ice cube

  7. a real cat and a mouse would be better it happened many times a but a real cat and a mouse setting tomorrow and jerry origin story in the 40ts would be better

  8. too bad you should've released the trailer five months earlier like the others before you play some tv spots.

  9. Hopefully parents will make their kids watch the orginal and best series before seeing this

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