November 27, 2021

37 thoughts on “Tiger King 2 The TikTopera | Netflix

  1. "hey john kids these days are using that tik tok alot, why dont we use it to market our product to the younger generation"
    John:why that is a marvelous idea there steven, my kids always are on it , so it must mean its a popular platform that we can make money off

  2. Dear Netflix, please stop glamorising and condoning animal abusers. Doesn't matter how wild or entertaining he is, what he has done and made money from is disgusting. Thanks

  3. YouTube, if you disable the dislike button how else am I supposed to express what a horrible display of media this is. Yall are aware like what this show is about right? Why is it turned into a joke?

  4. pov: you thought this was trailer for a new tiger king season but instead had to listen to this monstrosity

  5. How are they profiting off of his name but he’s yet to be pardoned and freed? Let’s be real Carole most likely killed her ex husband so wth

  6. First girl was awesome 👌 second girl made me sleepy….number 3 woke me up nodding my head…..number 4 made me laugh out loud 🤣 all in all pretty good job 👏 👍 👌 😄

  7. Y’all let this become a thing but ignored the actual masterpiece that was the Bridgerton musical mkay.

  8. Netflix por favor Pare de tirar as series preferidas das pessoas da sessão irei parar de pagar por esse motivo fear the walking dead saiu da sessão eu queria ver

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