October 21, 2021

24 thoughts on “These eco-friendly diamonds are made from C02! | The Earthshot Prize: Repairing Our Planet – BBC

  1. There Is No Shortage of Energy; There Is Shortage of Normalcy

    Despite increased production of energy from renewable sources, and despite the slowdown in car manufacturing, oil prices are skyrocketing. Even though fewer power plants still burn coal, coal prices are skyrocketing, as well. Natural gas prices, too, are going through the roof, and energy demand seems to outpace supply in every country and in every form of energy. Have Earth’s energy sources dwindled so drastically in a matter of months? The answer is a resounding “No!” There is no shortage of energy; there is a serious shortage of normalcy in human relations. I hope the current crisis will put some sense into humanity’s insane consumption.
    The energy crunch indicates that we are over consuming. We are producing too much, throwing the excess production to the trash, polluting the ground, the air, and the water, and then we are complaining that we do not have enough. It is about as sane as killing one’s parents and then pleading for the court’s mercy because I’ve recently been orphaned.
    It is time we reconsider everything we produce—how we divide production, profits, and goods, which services are necessary and which are redundant, and most importantly, how we treat one another. The goal of this process should be clear to everyone: survival.
    There is no ulterior motive, no attempt to dominate or deprive anyone of power or wealth. It is simply that reality is forcing us to take all of humanity and the entire planet into consideration. If we don’t, our entire civilization will collapse like a deck of cards.
    Since we still do not understand it and insist on running things the way we have always been running them—through power games—I anticipate a very cold and gloomy winter for the northern hemisphere. The energy crunch will leave many in dark and cold houses; there will be no gas for cars, and renewable energy will not replace traditional sources since there will be little sun during the winter. I hope that at least, it will make us rethink our values. If it doesn’t, next summer will be even worse than the awful summer that just ended.
    I know that many people are counting on the promise of renewable energy to solve the energy problems of humanity. I think they are mistaken. There is plenty of energy, far more than we really need. We could cut emissions by at least half tomorrow. But the more we have, the hungrier we become, so our thirst for energy will never be satiated, and we will never stop exploiting the planet or each other until we reeducate ourselves and start being humane toward each other.
    We have been behaving like spoiled brats whose parents buy them whatever they want. Now, our parents have run out of money and our childhood is over. It is time for us to mature and conduct ourselves like responsible adults, caring for all of humanity the way a mother cares for her entire family. If we think like a family, we will achieve normalcy.

  2. Bitcoin is bringing a different revolution in the world economy, people so are optimistic investors earn consistently,,,,others will just sit and watch.

  3. I'd much rather we move on from the "bling" into using diamond as a building material. Diamond windows, for example. Thin diamond sheets, etc.

  4. If this is chemical vapour deposition, then getting it up to 800 degrees C might be hard to do in a clean way. The power needed to do that would surely be better powering some sort of carbon dioxide filter.

  5. Hearts of men are cold in the last days,turn now.⌚ For What is the deal if you gain the whole world but stil lose your own soul ❗wake up💤💯💉🧬☠🌊…like in the days of Noah God will judge the world⌛REPENT

  6. Ha with this initiative, greedy humans will do something good for the earth. Great initiative, but the economics of it will make it less valuable.

  7. Hope they're planning on or are already capturing carbon from closer to the sources instead of the already diluted stuff in the air, might be more efficient.
    Good effort! Diamonds are useful for their properties other than looks too.

  8. Yes we can create 25x the carbon to compress some of it down into diamonds in a lab. Or we can just put it back into the soil and buy our children a real future. You brainless money obsessed psychopaths.

  9. SOOO… In 2019, we globally emitted 13.5 BILLION (metric) tonnes of CO2… One would have to produce a Hell of lot of carbon diamonds to suck that lot up every year! And if we did, their value would be so diminished that it would become economically unviable so to do!
    R 😎

  10. From the semi-mullet to the weird leopard skin pattern shawl thing, this guy screams dodgy bullshizzer

  11. Energy and CO2 required to make 1 g of diamond = how many??? This video suggests that this conversion to diamond is almost CO2 neutral.

  12. The machine extracting co2 is probably taking more co2 to manufacture comparing to it’s tiny diamonds that it can produce in it’s lifetime? Making 1 ton of steel will produce 1.85 tons of carbon dioxide, and good luck with the electricity costs ect.

  13. Some of these comment are throwing me off. Like people are saying “just plant trees and it’ll do the same” or “no one needs diamonds they aren’t special”. They’re not tell you to do this instead of planting tree. They’re not telling you that you have to go buy diamonds now. They are just saying if you were looking to buy diamonds try these ones instead. And yes planting trees will provide photosynthesis but it won’t stop the detrimental environmental impacts from the diamond mining industry (some of the impacts are taking down trees and ecosystems and many employees that work their are deprived of human rights). It isn’t about the diamonds or better ways of decreasing Co2, it is about changing the diamond industry into an eco friendly diamond industry. If we can do this with diamonds then people should be able to think and find ways to do it in every industry.

    Note: those ppl saying it’s a scam and that they don’t even mention the company, keep in minds this is a snip from an episode in a series. Watch before saying it’s fake. (Also let me know what it says cause I can’t watch it in aus)

  14. Except you don't even have the proof that you're using clean power. For all we know you could be burning fossil fuels for these crap and slapping the word "eco friendly" on it. Sod off.

  15. Yeah making a diamond out of toxic from the air, using a machines that also releases toxics in the air. And yet you call that environmentally friendly that is saving the mother nature. Why not just plant more trees by hand.

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