December 6, 2021

26 thoughts on “THE THIRD DAY Official Trailer (2020) Jude Law, TV Series HD

  1. Couldn't watch more than ep 2. And I won't continue. Disgusting! Senseless, boring! just the view and Jude, is not enough. The story is enoiyng. Irritating. And again, disgusting.

  2. Paddy constandine is in the series but not mention in credits on this trailer . Such a killer act is paddy .

  3. Crew: Ok so let´s mix the horrifying clack sound from Hereditary and all possible references from Midsommar and add a spice of Jude Law.
    HBO: Yes.

  4. Movies like this and Midsommar teach us not to trust rural idyllic looking places with "simple" people who nudge you into go along with their "fun." 😬

  5. Find me a middle aged man with a receding hairline to sacrifice to our gods.

  6. This channel uploads more often than Jude law sees his hairprint transplant doctor

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