September 16, 2021

37 thoughts on “The Suicide Squad Featurette – It's a Suicide Mission (2021) | Movieclips Trailers

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  2. This may be a longshot here but I think Javelin, Weasel and Captain Boomerang survive the beach scene.
    1. At first I immediately thought that Javelin was a dead man because he's not scene a lot in the trailer and we see Harley with his Javelin stick a lot in the trailer. Then I remembered that Harley does in fact get captured and tortured which is shown in the 3rd trailer so why would the people that took Harley captive also take Javelin's stick too. This makes me believe that Javelin gets captured and mind controlled and Harley escapes and takes his Javelin stick if he still has it. Javelin could still die but he might survive the beach fight.

    2. There's a scene where Bloodsport sees Weasel licking his cell door and we know that Bloodsport joins the team later so there's that possibility. Now that whole part could be before Weasel gets recruited but there's a possibility it's after Rick Flag's first team fails.

    3. James Gunn would be making a huge mistake by killing off Captain Boomerang. Captain Boomerang is like one of the core members of the Suicide Squad team in the animated movies, video games and in the comics. I would say that he gets captured too and gets mind controlled and later rescue near the end of the film.

  3. "Kill whoever you want!" Leave Polkadot Man, Ratcatcher 2 and King Shark out of this. Kill Harley if you want to but not those 3!

  4. I have a feeling Cap Boomerang will die in this sequel. Though he lived last movie, Jai is not featured in any trailers towards the end.

  5. I feel bad for next generations of people. With the pace that Hollywood runs out of ideas I can only imagine what quality of cinema they will receive..

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