November 28, 2021

46 thoughts on “THE OLD GUARD Trailer 2 (2020) Charlize Theron, Action Movie HD

  1. I'm surprised they hired Charlize and not an African-American trans non-binary woman.

  2. Letterbox 16:9. Black bars on all sides. Low bitrate. Compression artifacts all over. Another cheap copy and upload low effort channel.

  3. Charlize Theron in yet another superhero role. She looks like Trinity from the Matrix in this one.

  4. Looks like it's going to be a great mercenary film for Netflix the old guard with a great cast and great storyline to it charlize Theron playing a badass in the film as she other great film roles atomic blonde fast 8 as the villian and other great film roles

  5. Looks like there's no film where Charlize Theron cannot be a badass.

    Charlize Theron can be very dominating.
    Love Charlize.❤❤❤❤❤🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹👍

  6. Charlize theron is female "Leonardo DiCaprio".Charlize is under rated. She deserves more than this.She always chooses her roles so wisely and performs brilliantly.

  7. Where are people yapping about Charles angels..come and see how to do a female led action movie….IDIOTS

  8. LORD JESUS WIN ON CROSS FOR US 🙏 (Isaiah 53) ! LORD JESUS IS COMING 🙏 Church Rapture (Thessalonians 4 : 16-17) ! Read Bible and Be ready .

  9. "Everything hurts". Same line Charlize delivered in Mad Max Fury Road. Wonder if that was done on purpose or accidental.

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