October 15, 2021

29 thoughts on “THE NORTH WATER Trailer (2021) Colin Farrell

  1. Strong Shackelton vibes here.
    Different pole, but the theme "through endurance, we conquer" bleeds from the screen.
    I'm in.

  2. It looks super boring even from the trailer. The terror was awful to but good advertising behind it.

  3. AMC was like "Can we just do The Terror again? We got all this fucking ice left over from the last show…"

  4. I'll watch anything Stephen Graham is in. If he plays Dora the Explorer you bet your left nut I'll watch it. I bet mine you'll watch it too.

  5. Netflix has a tendency of cancelling great shows, lets just hope this doesn't make that list

  6. This looks phenomenal. Could have spent some money on adding talent to the roster to go alongside Farrell. Not often nowadays you get an original script with good writing. Hope the other actors can hold up their end with their opportunity.

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