October 19, 2021

30 thoughts on “THE NEW MUTANTS "Attitude" Trailer | NEW (2020) Marvel X-Men Movie HD

  1. The New Mutants (2020) f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E ⮘
    >> t.co/YTAvcnjEg3?The.New.Mutants(2020)=kangen


  2. Makes no sense. How were they even captured lol they could kill everyone around them! Nonsensical bollox

  3. so it's like fantastic 4. totally doesn't have it's own identity and the trailers sell different atemospheres.

  4. Lockheed breathing fire at 2:46. I'm more excited for this film than any of the upcoming MCU post-Endgame stuff.

  5. Will this have any connection to the previous X-men. Not even just wolverine and them but all the other mutants

  6. Gotta hand it to them it looks much better then it did if it ever actually releases

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