November 27, 2021

41 thoughts on “The Mess You Leave Behind | Official Trailer | Netflix

  1. The first five episodes or so we're great but the moment it starts to focus on unraveling the mystery, the show really loses it. Thankfully it's not an all is lost lose it, but an "am still here because of the goodwill from the first half is not letting me leave". The characters that needed to be good were good but the overall supporting characters were weak. Viruca was by far the most compelling character of the show and i often found myself wishing we could stay with her in the past with her. Not to say Raquel wasn't good but her story was nowhere near as good. I get that a lot of what she went through was to have her ultimately overcome the loss of her mother and have her find herself but the narrative really failed on this front with how rushed things were at the end.

  2. Galicia is a magical land and its accent makes it even more magical and mysterious that is why I like that they have done it in Galicia

  3. Galicia is a magical land and its accent makes it even more magical and mysterious that is why I like that they have done it in Galicia

  4. Estate this series has a Galician accent because the Galician accent has a mystical and mysterious air as Galicia itself floats in the environment

  5. Spoiler! Why was Viruca to blame for her parents bad financial situation? Why were they kicked out of their house? I mean her dad said it was her fault. Anyways she chose the wrong path to get the money to blackmail dangerous people ready for everything to shut you up.

  6. Why did you have to make Aron Piper straight…
    Im disappointed and ain't watching that either..
    I'm going back to my real BLs…

  7. The only reason I started watching this series was Arón Piper.. Well, his face is the only good thing about this series..
    This series is nothing but a big disappointment.. A total waste of time.. 🙄

  8. I'm trying to find out what type of trees are in the courtyard featured in a number of scenes. Does anyone know, or know which, of many locations are home to these trees? They are a geometric pattern and have spotty bark.

  9. It's a really good serie, for anyone who doubts to watch it I recommend it at least from my point of view, It was pretty interesting.

  10. [Spoiler Alert]

    I didn’t feel sorry for Viruca. Yeah it sucks she got killed but I didn’t feel any sympathy for her in the last episode when everything was revealed. She was in it for the money from the get-go. Screwed her student and didn’t give a damn about it. Finds out he’s been used for prostitution since he was a child, and rather than reporting everything or at least finding SOME way to help the guy out, she blackmails his dad for money.

    She didn’t deserve to be killed but I wish someone gave her a good beating to get her back to her senses, because she not once felt guilty about the things she had done or was doing.

  11. A teacher who blackmails, launders money, does drugs, also does father- son, minors…also prostitues….in the next season can you also make the teacher- gangster…murderer…extortionist…arsonist etc etc….by the way the ending was lame

  12. I just feel like if the roles were reversed ppl would be mad. If it were a male teacher and a female student ppl would throw a fit. But other than that it's a pretty good show.

  13. I'm only on ep 2 so nothing dramatic happened but I just want to ask. Is it normal for Spanish people to be this rude to each other? The students were awfully disrespectful and genuinely pissed me off. That is not how you talk and address a teacher at all. Jesus.

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