September 16, 2021

39 thoughts on “THE MATRIX 4: RESURRECTIONS Trailer (2021)

  1. Anyone else notice what color Neil Patrick Harris’ glasses frames are?!? The same color BLUE as the pills. Nice touch Lana 🤯
    I think Neo made a deal with the Machines at the end of Matrix 3 that he would kill Smith and in return would be plugged back into the Matrix. Haven’t figured out Trinity but she could be there to distract Neo or to help him remember life outside the Matrix. Outside of that, please don’t be Woke lol

  2. So Neo and Trinity's bodies are somehow rebuilt and they are plugged back into the Matrix when it reboots after Revolutions with their memories wiped but for what purpose I'm not sure. And by who? I'm going to assume the machines seeing as we do see a scene of them rebuilding his body.

    There is a young Morpheus in this and no Agent Smith. Why there is a young Morpheus in this, I'm not sure. Maybe original Morpheus is dead and this one is just a programme, a copy of his code but then we have to ask WHO copied his code and WHY. This younger Morpheus is an agent by the looks of it, one that perhaps becomes "free" which is what we are seeing with that mirror scene.

    It looks as though Neo is having flashbacks of his past life, and so his memory is not completely wiped. He is seeing a therapist because he thinks he is crazy. He will regain his memories and powers in this film but to fight what exactly, I'm not sure.

    My thoughts: The third film ends with Neo's sacrifice. If these films are as inspired by the Bible as they suggest then this fourth film is the resurrection of the saviour (Neo), who will have to convince his "disciples" that he is in fact the same Neo that died and he has come to fulfil prophecy before ascending into "heaven" (which in this case I'm guessing is a return to source.)

  3. Morpheus not being played by Laurance Fishbourne looks more painful to me then I expected. Damn… I hope the guy's acting skills will overshadow that.

    Thing of note: Neo's original Matrix simulation was set in a perpetual 90s. Considering that we see smartphones and such, I believe it's very safe to assume that this is a whole new Matrix simulation. Simulation 8, as the Architect said Neo's original Matrix was number 7, with Neo being the 7th system anomaly.

    That whole thing with Alice in Wonderland and chasing the White Rabbit appears to be a return to old techniques for the Resistance. In the Animatrix, Trinity used a similar method to get a detective to learn of the Matrix.

  4. The effects in the trailer look kinda shitty when compared to a movie from 1999. My guess is that this will be another joyless rehash hoping to cash in on the member berries of an aging, depressed generation looking for any means to escape the misery of the current.

  5. I hope the Wachowski sisters were not over-made by being absorbed in reincarnation or oriental ideas.

    Sense 8, Cloud Atlas, and Jupiter Ascending seemed to be over acted.

    I hope they don't make it like that.

    but . I will watch it after all haha.

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