October 21, 2021

48 thoughts on “THE MATRIX 4 RESURRECTIONS Trailer (2021)

  1. This goes to show how
    Much people are stuck in the real life matrix. how can you evolve if your stuck in the past.? People’s minds are so easily manipulated they can’t accept change.! This is why the world is the way it is.! It’s not about you….

  2. I see people saying this isn’t a sequel to 3 but you can clearly see Neo’s body with his scarred eyes in the trailer indicating it is indeed a sequel

  3. In the olden times we had a thing called an "Arnold Movie," and it ruled. I'm happy to see the "Keanu Movie," just as much.

  4. “When it comes to that fantastic note, where the rabbit bites its own head off, I want you to throw that f*ckin radio into the tub with me.”
    ^^ Exactly how I feel about this movie.

  5. A lot of things are gonna make this movie badass. 1 the black cat signifies de ja vu which is a glitch in the matrix. Neo taking the red pill again, it feels like he is trapped in this matrix or a loop of it (hence all the blue pills at the start). He knows something doesnt feel right like things are out of place and it looks like he wants to come out of this "loop" or time paradox and young Morpheus and "Alice" (as well as Trinity ofc) is trying to help him or remember himself. To find his true self after the events of what happened

  6. Has NOBODY noticed that Neil Patrick Harris's glasses are…..BLUE? He is another form of control by the machines. His glasses are the same color as the Blue Pill. #onetogrowon

  7. You all sadly know, that this will be a "woke" and “cucked” piece of trash. I want to be positive, but come on lol. It’s gonna break the hearts of all the original fans. And, when people get upset and it bombs, they’re going to blame the “patriarchy”, misogyny and sexists lol

  8. People complaining about laurence fishburne relax its the first trailer and theres been plenty bts photos of him on set so relax sheesh

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