October 18, 2021

45 thoughts on “The Last Mercenary | Official Trailer | Netflix

  1. I love Van Damme 🙌 maybe he should play an older Johnny Cage for the 2nd Mortal Kombat movie 🤔 the character was based on him afterall.

  2. Go Van damage. Show these girly boyz like Hemsworth and marvel co some real action.

  3. First foray Jean Claude Van Damme making a movie on Netflix the last mercenary it looks like a great action comedy his other great comedy was welcome to the jungle which was he's first comedy a great actor Jean Claude Van Damme he made great movie hits in the 80s 90s he played great as the villian in the expendables 2 Jean villian he played great in the other sequels to universal soldier regeneration and day of reckoning

  4. Anything with Van Damn in it is insta awesome.. I hope he makes a ton of new oldschool style action flicks

  5. Van Damme's best movies are the ones in which he doesn't say much or nothing @ all (Replicant) & the ones where he speaks French (JCVD). Nowhere to Run was pretty good too.

  6. JCVD has rarely done comedy, but Knock Off (1998) paired with Rob Schneider is one of my favorite films. I think the direction is right, and Jackie Chan has rarely been filming action comedy lately.

  7. It's a pity they brought him back in a non universal language. Not sure I'm prepared to read subtitles throughout

  8. MEEEGA – 💪😎 Finally someone takes on JCVD. I think it's a shame that the last of his films were always B-Movies. JCVD is a great actor and is unfortunately completely underestimated.
    JCVD in an action comedy works really well. I hope Netflix does more movies with him.

  9. Looks like all those years of hard drugs and crazy parties did a number on JCVD's mug

  10. When will Jean Claude Van Damme and Jean Reno have movie together? Sounds cool to me. They are both legends of movies.🙏😌

  11. The last time Van Damme looked that intimidating doing the splits in mid air was in *No retreat No surrender * (The true fans of Jean Claude know what I'm talking about)

  12. Hey Netflix, will there be an English audio dub? This is a movie that demands eyes on the action not reading text.

  13. Just watching this was very good. i have not seen a van damme film in ages, but watching this gives me one idea for him do foreign films with subs in some scenes van damme had that tired look but in others looked normal . Maybe same could work for steven seagal do foreign films. Scott Adkins in Undisputed was great because foreign country budget dont matter when it overseas mostly as long as film is good, when its usa and they show low budget you can really tell as actors look like random people given a few lines.. Also look at the District 13 films set in france action, subtitles was great, they did the american remake Brick Mansions not as good.

  14. Hot Damn, now that's what I'm talking bout Netflix! Bring my 80's action heros back more often!

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