October 16, 2021

49 thoughts on “THE LAST DUEL Trailer (2021)

  1. Matt Damon and the Country Bake brought me here. They miss miss you Matt, give them a call.

  2. Kylo Ren vs Cersei. The battle we never got in Game of Thrones finally comes to the big screen. Finally. "Shame..shame..shame.."

  3. First the White Princess and now this. Jodie Comer was born to play these medieval noblewomen roles.

  4. I like that it's "based on a true story", because you can be sure that in Medieval times some people did something in France.

  5. As soon as the DVD/Bluray comes out, I am expecting a lightsaber edit somewhere with the movie……

  6. This looks like a remake of ridley scott first movie "the duel"..with harvey keitel

  7. It's a very interesting story. To this day nobody knows if the accusation was false or not.

  8. I'll watch it just for the cinematography, no one does medieval like Sir Ridley Scott

  9. Adam driver kinda like new Sean Bean. "Spoiler"

    Story on the other hand really disgusting, accusations never proven true, dude died, people mutilated his body, his legacy ruined, wait why this sounds familiar?

  10. Ridley Scott is undisputed King of the Historical Epics. Next film is "Kitbag" starring Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon Bonaparte and Jodie Comer as Josephine. I'd love for Ridley to continue his "Roman Saga" with film about Boudica the British Warrior Queen who made Rome tremble!…starring Jodie Comer!

  11. Does anyone know if Lustmord was involved in music for this trailer? The "horn" sounds like his thing.

  12. This literally this guy Riddle Scott is so underrated I mean most versatile director not just make them but master them.

  13. Go to any gas station in Alabama to South Carolina and you'll see at least four dudes who look like Matt Damon in this trailer

  14. Ben Affleck Will Win An Oscar For Sure.
    Either Best Supporting Actor Or Best Adapted Screenplay!!

  15. Might be good, we'll see.
    So hard to watch a trailer now, those f***ing sound effects are starting to be ridiculous.

  16. After Kingdom from Heaven, now this. Ridley love French medieval history huh ?

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