October 19, 2021

31 thoughts on “The Guilty | Official Trailer | Jake Gyllenhaal | Netflix

  1. His performance in Nighcrawler is one of the best by Hollywood actors since 2000. Wish him a good luck for this and his future movies

  2. Hollywood, for the love of god, please stop making crappier remakes of great foreign-language films. I don't care that Jake Gyllenhaal is in this. This will not amount to half of what the original film is.

  3. Police: What are we looking for?

    Jake: A white van

    Police: That's not enough.

    Jake: Come on!

    Me: This guy's funny.

  4. Damn, I want to see him starring a movie in a character from "Prisoners".
    Every shot in that movie will be a money shot then!

  5. OK that's more like it…anybody say that this trailer has given away most of the movie is a complete idiot. At last a trailer that buys the audience. I do want to watch.

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