August 1, 2021

24 thoughts on “The Business of Drugs | Official Trailer | Netflix

  1. With two minutes left she opines, "as long as the demand continues to climb and the prices remain astronomically high because of no legal competition". And yet at the beginning of the episode it was stated that prices of cocaine, like the prices of video games haven't changed in 25 years. Confused again.

  2. 15 minutes left in the first episode, "the dealers on the other end aren't either [ref "living the Pablo Escobar dream"]"
    Uh not sure you're right that drug dealers don't make any money. At least enough to feed their families.

  3. The business of drugs is a huge business , legal or illegal take Perdue with opioids and of course cocaine, it is a simple equation supply vs demand, just like the stock market. They should legalized everywhere, people in rich countries want to feel happy 100% of the time , there is no balance they want their dopamine high in a daily basics, poor people want to grow their crop and get pay for their work.

  4. Real discipline and a sharp mind is all u need to get rich these days with the right "drugs"

  5. I'm digging the show. But I dont like the clip ad showing drugs trafficked directly out of Africa. It only told part of the story (that quick) but programs folks perception forever.

  6. We are up to about the 4th episode and it is brilliantly made. Impartial, superb videography,well researched, scripted and presented. Generally fascinating. Learning a lot. And yes, legalise drugs.

  7. This could have been a better documentary if that lady with lip filler didn’t narrate it. Annoying af

  8. Hi, I really like the show, is a cool enterteinment. Especially those interviews with fake drug dealers, they are amazing. Or that scene, when kokain trafficers let you record them on the boat, perfect. The best part for me was thou, when you faked "escape" from interview in the episode about meth 😀 that was so much tension! Uuu oooo we have to ruuuun 😉 oh my god it's so dangerous 🙂 Cool stuff guys, almost a mocumentary! 😀

  9. The war on drugs was a systemic ploy to mass incarcerate people of color. The government did this so that the poor white people can be in agreements with the white elite. If you notice this trailer, all of the “addicts” and “criminals” are people of color. This documentary is propaganda to support white supremacy. There were thousands of sieges & deaths, and there was advocacy of racial profiling & discrimination. Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Obama, and now Trump all have a dirty role in this and it’s been said on record. Be careful about who you listen to, people.

  10. Где можно посмотреть сериал на русском языке ?

  11. America is so stupid.. legalize everything already, like European countries did decades ago, and the black market vanishes.. all the violence, corruption, money wasted, lives lost on this "war" yet with such a simple solutions, means the CIA needs to continue profiting for their rainy day slush funds… when (if ever) are Americans gonna wake up to reality, so sad

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