November 28, 2021

7 thoughts on “THE BLAZING WORLD Clip – "A Fire Inside" (2021) Dermot Mulroney

  1. one of many more girl growing experience ,bullshit feminist crap ,for the 75 percent children being born are girls and 90 percent immigrants being boys ,get that brown skin, go figure

  2. Here we go again with the term "dimension" being misinterpreted. There is no such thing as a dimension being another state of existence or another place of existence. The term was misconstrued by scifi writers a long time ago and since, ignorant people have been going around believing this false narrative that a dimension is another place in time/space. A dimension is simply the measurement between two points. It has never been defined anything else. "a measurable extent of some kind, such as length, breadth, depth, or height. an aspect or feature of a situation, problem, or thing. (measurement)". So for people to continually making these fraud reality (fiction) movies and misusing such terms, they warp the minds of millions who are ignorant of what the term truly means. I have heard that term misused all my life. I wish everyone who uses it that way would just STFU! Stop talking because you don't know what you're saying. So every time I see this kind of crap in movies or TV shows, I find something else to watch. It is unintellectual and misleading.

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