October 21, 2021

27 thoughts on “THE BLACK PHONE Official Trailer (2021)

  1. I was literally wondering the whole way if that was Ethan Hawke. The dude is putting in the work these days!

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  3. Very Terrifying I think Ethan Hawke is the Bad Guy In this didn't recognize him that he's the Creepy guy coming out of The Van Spilling all his Stuff on the Grown Just to get his Next Young Victim??!!! The Young boy actor who is the star protagonist is a little Dumb for falling for his Trick! Of Course he's going to be the next Kid to get abducted?! Anyways Outstanding Turn for Actor Ethan Hawke he doesn't usually play Villains just Confused anti-heros anyways this going to be Sincerely disturbing!

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