November 28, 2021

50 thoughts on “THE BATMAN Trailer 4K (ULTRA HD)

  1. I hate the Riddler. Only villain that makes you do homework to defeat him. That's why this Batman so angry.

  2. I want to see dark psycho batman in flames especially his mask and horns up in flames and looking at me dead in the eye

  3. All these comments saying this looks so good and me smh 🤣 this guy will never be as good as Christian Bale, just doesn't have the look or build to pull off the character

  4. The only issue i have is that the Batman i looks too much skinny. RP should've had muscular built.

  5. This looks awesome, Robert looks like he could be an amazing Batman, plus there's going to be 3 films with him plus 2 spin off series, with a Gotham PD series and a penguin series with Colin farrel

  6. you all remember the shitstorm in the past, when they announced him as Batman he proved them all wrong 😀

  7. தல நா ஒரே தல அஜித் மட்டும் தான் ஞாபகம் வச்சுக்கோ😈🔥

  8. (Riddler) “ your part of this too” (Batman) “how am I a part of this” (riddler) “you’ll see “ ?

  9. Why are batman films always so dark can barely see anything? The old ones with Clooney ans Keaton were the best

  10. I saw 9 new dc movie trailers yesterday I counting this one I watched it yesterday they trying to compete with marvel

  11. The biggest problem I have with this so far is Colin Farrell apparently trying to channel Robert DeNiro as the Penguin.

  12. Way too many batmans at this point. Hollywood has OFFICIALLY ran out of ideas & originality.

  13. remove joker from DC comics and this whole DC world will come crumbling down……its sad but ITS TRUE

  14. I'm sure it will be PG13 as per the usual with Batman. He'll punch everyone and tie them up for the police. yawn. These movies are all the same, crap. This one's just darker.

  15. This is gross as shit! Batman is supposed to be the worlds greatest detective, and they just turned him into a head-to-toe fully armoured rogue drifter. And what's worse is they put a shiny vamp tween in this ridiculous "batman costume".
    Shave the ears off the head, remove all bat symbols, change the name of the characters, and this could've been a good stand alone movie, instead of a horrible remake.
    Easy pass.

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