November 28, 2021

32 thoughts on “THE BATMAN Trailer 2 (NEW 2022)

  1. I already know there's no way this can disappoint me. This takes Batman to another level of darkness in a live action. Heath Ledger's Joker would've fit perfect with Robert Pattinson's Batman

  2. Love the look. I'm always so much more excited about DC than Marvel. I like my superhero movies a little darker and Batman usually delivers.

  3. Ok I was at first.. sparkle vampire is going to play Batman? Clearly DC is now phoning it in, not even trying to compete with Marvel. But after the last 2 trailers… I am being won over. I like the dark, gritty feel and he seems to be hitting playing the Batman on all the right tones. I'm in.

  4. WOW!! Well….Kiddies.. this is "NOT" you're Christopher Nolan … or you're Tim Burton's 'Batman'!.. This is a very dirty …gritty ..oily version!!! I don't like Robert Pattinson.. he can't act his way out of a paper-bag.. but still curious too see!..

  5. aside from it being really weird seeing batman letting himself get shot repeatedly like a a man with a big S on chest, this is looking really spiffy, im interested to see this Hobo take on batman become a the first step in a new line of films since… know, this grim tone works a fuck ton better for batman then it does for 80% of the DC lineup

  6. One thing the Gotham TV series did brilliantly was casting Penguin and Riddler. Let's hope the new movie can live up to that.

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