November 28, 2021

30 thoughts on “The 355 Trailer #1 (2021) | Movieclips Trailers

  1. if they just would stop pretending these chicks can beat 300lbs special forces guys…would be great…

  2. The music they use for these trailers, today, are horrible. They should not use rap and computer-generated music for movie trailers and films, because it makes the movies look cheap. SMH! I wish they go back to using nice, pleasant music.

  3. Kruger, Cruz, and Chastain star in the 2021 action thriller. No worries about these countries they live.

  4. "I'm putting together a team. You're the best in the world at what you do."- i wonder if they use that line self mockingly. Knowing full well it is a tired and idiotic cliché. I wonder if they also have such classics as "they're gonna pay for what they did", or "not on my watch".

  5. People trying to high kick in grappling range, people jumping of high places on heels… this is a nope for me.

  6. Charlie’s Angels would be a very, very serious edition. It will be like an all girl version of every cliche action movie ever made. Margot Robbie would have been a nice addition to the female star line-up.

  7. Наилютейшее говнище. Даёшь в следующем году из садика спецагентофф

  8. I will be watching this movie at all cost. Some of you men really hate women and it shows 😒 🙄 😑 😂.

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