December 4, 2021

36 thoughts on “SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME Trailer (2021)

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  2. I have never seen a spider-man movie but this looks very very interesting. I might have to go see this in the theatres it looks really good

  3. 2:26
    Was that venom or the lizard in the background??
    Sandman and Electro after
    and then the Green Goblin and Dr Octopus, wtf is happening xDDD

    Maybe not sandman?

  4. Michael Scott: Goodbye Tobey, it’s been niiiiice. Hope you found your paradiiiiiice! Goodbye Tobey. Goodbye Tobey. Goodbye Tooooooobey.

  5. 2:22 hear me out. I think Squirrel is going to be in No Way Home.
    Every shot, every frame is composed. Everything is there for a reason.
    (Timestamps are for original trailer)
    1. Pause at 2:222:23 and you’ll see a squirrel climbing up a tree during this high-action shot. At the same time you’ll see a young woman walking a dog across the street, who appears to be looking at Strange & Spider-Man. I believe that she is squirrel girl. Literally if you were to name the objects on screen from left to right it would be: Squirrel. Girl.

    2. In Far from home, Peter takes on the guise of Night Monkey. I think at the very least they will have Squirrel Girl cameo as a joke in a similar way, who knows. Sony even took the joke as far as making a Night Monkey trailer as a piece of Far From Home Marketing.

    3. She also has the ability to control squirrels. In Homecoming, Ned asked Peter if he could “summon an army of Spiders”, even at the start of this trailer MJ reads a news tabloid headline claiming Peter having a Hypnotic Spider ability. Squirre Girl has literally defeated opponents by summoning and army of squirrels. So perhaps it could be some kind of payoff to introduce a character that can actually control creatures, in this case Squirrels. Ned asking Peter (40 secs in)

    4. She is the only other person in the shot, watching the altercation between the two. In the comics, Squirrel Girl originally wanted to be Iron Man’s sidekick. She may be trying to spy on strange using the squirrels, perhaps for the purpose of trying to be his side kick.

  6. Anyone asking for Tobey and Andrew for this film are wrong. What true Spider-Man fans want is Tom Holland with the nostalgic actors that played the villains of green goblin, sandman, and doc oct.

  7. as a person that watched godzilla vs kong i am getting PTSD from that doctor octupus tentacle

  8. The tentacles on Doc Ock seem to be just slightly different. We only see one, but it looks much cleaner and more intact than the ones in Spider-man 2. In that movie, they became rusted with damage to the claws/wires poking out after the accident. They also seem to be more of a solid black. Nice little details that make this Doc Ock more like a variant of the one in Spider-man 2 (that and the fact he seems to be both evil and alive here)

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