November 27, 2021

25 thoughts on “Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer #1 (2021) | Movieclips Trailers

  1. Another lame Marvel movie that has a plot that makes zero sense all so that way it can reuse characters from the original and remakes. Marvel sure loves its time travel plot armor

  2. Wait, did anyone else notice during the Scoobie Doo this crap part that Dr Strange was wearing the Eye of Agamotto again?

  3. Am I the only who thinks Andrew's Peter could have been part of the MCU? Just show a short post-credit of him somewhere in new york, sitting and not caring about the world around him while aliens and the avengers trash new york. It can be understood from him not participating in the fight that he was sad about Gwen's death. Bam, we wouldn't have this peter.

  4. Waaaaaaack! Just make a Thanos trilogy without those bozo the clown Avengers and stop f**king around. I m sure you can get all the grey reptilians to fund it easily.

  5. Capt lifting Mjolnir is also not in the trailer. So I assume there will also be a "surprise" in this. I'll scream at the cinema if Tobey/Andrew is finally here.

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