October 19, 2021

38 thoughts on “SPIDER-MAN: No Way Home Movie Trailer (2021) 2

  1. Who is it that says “Be careful what you wish for Parker.” Also phase whatever the fuck… 4?… looks like it might end up being the best phase ever.

  2. its so amusing to me how the two main characters in this movie are british putting on american accents (tom holland and benedict cumberbatch)

  3. I’m glad to see the originals return, cause they were the best villains and still are, but I don’t like this storyline. I feel like they need to stop using so many villains at once, focus on one or two like they used to do, and just make a solid storyline from there. Have it start with Peter getting his powers without Doctor Strange or Iron Man being involved, kill off uncle Ben as always so Peter has his reason to start becoming Spider-Man, then write in a single villain he will ultimately face off against and work from there like Spider-Man 1-3 did. Up until 3 everything blended together perfectly, and even with the mistakes of venom being involved, 3 still tied into the storyline perfectly. Then we got the mess of Andrew Garfield, witch wasn’t too bad, it was just too disorganized to flow right and that’s what sank it. Then this shitshow of a film franchise rises up and again its sank because of too much happening at once. They need to take it one step at a time to give everyone what they desire. Overall I’m not thrilled with this film coming out

  4. I cant wait until they actually release a movie with all the spider mans in it like miles Morales

  5. Oh Jesus…I hope they aren’t trying to pull a Spider Man 3 and have like 3 or 4 villains in this. Dr Octopus is more than enough on his own, but then apparently also the Green Goblin? Far From Home was a mess script wise and made almost no sense. I hope they’re not trying to overcorrect with this and just throw everything at the audience and dazzle them with a pretty spectacle so they don’t pay attention to how nonsensical and hectic the writing is. On another note, Tom Holland is charismatic and charming as Spider-Man. He pulls off the typical snappy one liners with aplomb and has that sort of naive innocent good hearted appeal . A perfect fit for the role. Zendaya, on the other hand, is about as charismatic and charming as a plank of wood onscreen. I get that she’s trying to make MJ have a sort of dry, sarcastic humor but it doesn’t land.

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  7. Strange here's a brite idea instead of continuing off of Parkers mistake just use the time stone and reverse it. Easy

  8. The fact that this Doc Ock knows that Tom Holland's Spiderman is Peter Parker hints at the possibility that this Doc Ock isn't literally the one from the Raimi trilogy, but possibly a Doctor Octavious from Holland's universe who has been turned into a villain in an alternate universe. I hope I'm wrong.

  9. Green goblin and dr octopus from the original spiderman movies?! Wooohooo, I love that they are mixing all the different spiderman movies

  10. I wonder if the no way home part is not for Peter from the mcu but the Spider-Man characters from the other movies

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