December 5, 2021

47 thoughts on “SING 2 Trailer (2021)

  1. Everyone: this actually looks good!

    Me: WhEn WiLl A pIg SiNg NeVeR GoNnA GiVe YoU Up?

  2. You can see that in this movie there’s probably going to be a lot more heavy emotion and representation in this movie than the first one.

  3. Did… did they just spoil the whole plot? I just watched the entire movie in 4 minutes

  4. its all fun and games until you realized the mouse isn't in the trailer

    he really got eaten tho 💀

  5. Well, this trailer just confirmed the theory about Mike the Mouse. That’s just dark!

  6. When the trailer itself shows you the entire movie so you saved some dosh on watching it

  7. 😂😂 i'm surprised the wolf buzzed the first two. so Stoked to see this, even though its been 3years since the first one.

  8. The first movie trailer at least hyped up the actual contest and made you wonder who exactly was going to win before it pulls you for a curveball with the whole theater shutting down plot.

    Here the main plot is clearly
    "We know Name "
    " Name doesn't do Thing anymore"
    "Hello I'm Name I don't do Thing anymore"
    "Please do Thing "
    Everything else is clearly side plots and I doubt we'll be spreading them out evenly, Way more Gorilla and way less Elephant.

  9. You just showed the whole movie in a 4-minute trailer. Omg can any of you make a trailer that doesnt show the whole thing. Just to make it exciting when its on theater. It spoil everything.

  10. This movie looks more serious and better animated then the first one😳😳😳😳 I LOVE IT SO MUCH I CANT FREAKING WAIT FOR IT TO COME OUT!!!😭😭😭😭

  11. The spoiled the entire movie in this trailer just like they did in the first movies trailer. Not surprised. Still gonna watch it though.

  12. Johnny or whatever’s hand shaking looks like false advertising and in he movie he actually kills someone at 2:39

  13. Feels like kingdom hearts 3 where they spoil you with the entirety of the game, but it's all a movie.

    Still gonna see it tho

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