November 28, 2021

29 thoughts on “SHAZAM 2: FURY OF THE GODS Trailer Teaser (2023)

  1. Two grannies as the baddies niiice still riding that woketard train 😅🤣🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

  2. history professors in 2109: 'the Americans of the fake news era were so psychologically abused by the power brokers of their time that their brains literally broke down and everyone remained in a state of prolonged adolescence as seen by their popular culture and obsession with childish stories. this inevitably led to the great nuclear hissy-fit of 2054, which resulted in the great adjustment and the formation of our proud, pederastic society. now everyone see me after class!

  3. As much as I really liked the first hopefully this time zachery actually acts like a bigger version of billy and not just a random kid. Both him and the real version of billy did great acting but they played completely 2 different characters who were suppose to be the same.

  4. As a Greek, this franchise is gonna test my patience so fucking much, I know it! XD
    It's a huge help that the first movie was the second-best DCEU movie

  5. MEGAN GOODE I see her for two seconds on the Shazam 2 trailer. I pay DOUBLE the price to the box office upon arrival to their window.

  6. First Shazam, a cute little comedy with some nice horror elements
    Shazam 2 , a generic "bigger and better sequel".

  7. Probably the fifth DC trailer I’ve seen within the hour, and the marvel community said DC ain’t got shit for us

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