November 27, 2021

28 thoughts on “SHAZAM 2 : Fury of the Gods Teaser Trailer (2023)

  1. There is no way this shazam can beat the black adam we are getting, henry's supes stands a better chance than shazam lmao.

  2. This looks terrible ! The new suits look cheap and are too dark and just STOCK looking. They fired Mary’s shazam actor so now she has to play both parts. And the Shazam’s suit has no hood 😡. Also Freddy no longer has his crutches?? Also now he has a girlfriend???
    Mark my word this will be a BAD sequel.

  3. Hahha lucy has to carry around a pool noodle and pretend its a badass weapon. Acting with bluescreen must be so hard.

  4. This looks awesome. Still too bad we have to wait another year. Also I wonder who that girl Freddy is sitting with is. I hope she doesn't know the superhero secret. Freddy just can't resist showing off, just hope he knows having those powers is a huge responsibility. Also I have a feeling there's gonna be tension in the team, like there's gonna be a disagreement and Mary since she's the smart one is gonna say "Look whatever we do, I think we all need to agree on it"

  5. Okay, but is it funny? Because Shazam wasn't successful for its fight scenes. It was a well written and wholesome comedy about boys and girls playing superhero for real.

  6. Fury of the gods right😂
    Little thing says me thus movie coming after Black adam makes some sense😏😏

  7. DC should do another Green Lantern, or Make a Martian Manhunter flick. Shazam is ok, but they should touch on others.

  8. Looks like all CGI for kids with no real grit if you know what I mean. DC is missing out being a PS5 of comic book movies; instead it’s made an outdated Atari to compete with Nintendo. We already have the Nintendo version of comics with Disney’s Marvel. DC should stick to DeadPool and Snyder’s Cut older audiences type of stuff.

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