October 21, 2021

33 thoughts on “SHANG-CHI "Shang-Chi Watches Abomination VS Wong Fight" (2021) Marvel Superhero Movie HD

  1. An extremis low level? Thought they could rip through Iron Mans suits . Keep your writing consistent

  2. Ronny Chieng going from a stereotypical Asian American (stereotyped by society) on The Daily Show, to a gung-ho neon haired happy go lucky guy is my favourite thing today.

  3. wong's story continuation is the best, from a buck and a half to fighting abomination on dark web for money, he can definitely get a tuna meal now

  4. I know Marvel is desperate for this to not flop, given how they are spamming everyone with constant clips (to the point they pretty much are releasing the film in clip form), but seeing how desperate they are, this is the inevatable outcome. Please stop… this is clearly going to fail. I don't need a reminder every day and obviously don't give the slightest shit about it. This is awful as fck.

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