September 19, 2021

38 thoughts on “SHANG CHI _ IRON MAN Reveal Trailer (2021) Marvel

  1. Is Kevin Feige really comparing Shang Chi to Marvel's most iconic character…Iron Man? Even though the movie looks like its going to be a bad ass in comparison to the eternals (thumbs down) and Black Widow (two thumbs down). It is almost impossible to compare anything to Marvel's greatest decision of making RDJ's Iron Man the front runner for the first MCU phases.

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  2. Yet another once great American franchise reduced to kissing China’s ass for access to CCP $$$. Will bomb with US audiences, who they continue to sh-t on. Stan Lee is spinning like a lathe! Don’t support this disrespect, for God’s sake, folks vote with your wallet, stay the F home!!!

  3. looks like back to back failures for marvel. MCU fans are getting ready to have their own Star Wars, He-man and Dr. Who moments. Can you ruin another franchise. Yes, I think you can and will.

  4. Seems like a bunch of yall have a problem with expanding the movie series for the mcu. If you don't pick up the comic in the store, nobody cares….. if you're upset because he's Asian or just not what you want from marvel? Nobody cares!!! Why is there always so much negativity spouting about things you don't want?? Just dont watch it!! But please stop making dickhead and semi racist comments……

  5. I didn't like the bait and switch so I think I'll avoid this one……and most of the rest of the current crop of super hero films. Beyond burned out and I didn;t like plastering an Ironman mask on a film where the character doesn;t even seem to appear in the film.

  6. Here's the issue for me. This movie looks like two dozen other martial art action flicks but just happens to be made by Marvel. Does not pique my interest outside of I like those kind of movies so I will likely not see it for a long while.

  7. He never compared Shang Chi to Iron Man. He's saying that the organization that kidnapped Stark is the Ten Rings. His father is the real Mandarin, not the stage actor from IM3. He's not equating the two characters or elevating one over the other.

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