October 19, 2021

34 thoughts on “SEE Season 2 Trailer (2021)

  1. Just used my free trial for AppleTV+ to binge watch season 1 and seriously can't wait for season 2. The Baba Voss fight scenes were awesome. Looking forward to seeing how he wrecks everyone as well as Baba vs Edo

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  3. Too bad two bad assets are on SEE. I couldn’t make it through 2 episodes. Strange and weird doesn’t mean good or entertaining.

  4. Season 3 will be the rock and John Cena(know as the invisible man in the universe of the show 'SEE')

  5. I kinda feel she(the daughter) deserves this. I wouldn't mind had she been killed or gets killed. She's so freakin annoying in every scene she was in.

  6. The silent unfortunate truth about life is that regardless of ethnicity, age, gender or social class, that some of us won't make it to old age and those of us fortunate to live till old age, suffering, blindness, loss of taste, and loss of hearing awaits us before the finale.

  7. The unfortunate thing about most movies is that you know the most good looking or most famous humans will almost always survive and emerge a winner in the end. Thus lies a business opportunity to make and sell a movie trailer that kills off famous celebrities at the beginning or middle part of the movie by mystery humans, and at the end of the movie, the mystery humans are revealed to be more famous and much better looking celebrit(ies) than the one(s) that was killed off earlier.

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