September 19, 2021

28 thoughts on “Secret Skipper | Disney’s Jungle Cruise | Experience It Now

  1. I just watched Jungle Cruise in 4Dx. Best Disney experience I had all year. I have been to Disney World and Disneyland several times this year but this was the best $21 I ever spent. Water, wind, smoke. It was a 2 hour ride. Had to literally hold onto my seat entire time. Felt like Star Tours, Soarin, Bugs Life & Captain EO all combined. For everyone who can't make it to the parks but want a Disney fix – go check out this movie 🍿 🎥 in 4Dx 🙌🏽

  2. Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt, and Jack Whitehall are such an amazing comedic trio. I wish I was on that Jungle Cruise ride with them.

  3. Omg this was so funny 😂🤣 I hope they go in November lol I booked a trip to Disneyland so excited omg this had me crackin up so bad I’m literally in laughing tears 🤣😂🤣😂😂😄😂😄😂

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