October 21, 2021

29 thoughts on “SCREAM 5 Trailer (2022) Neve Campbell

  1. I like the movies, but I'm just confused on the ghostface killers. I know billy and stu from the 1st movie were like friends but after they die, who is still killing. Is it supposed to be copycat killing?

  2. I've got to watch these movies again. For some reason, I thought Sidney died at the end of the 4th one.

  3. I’m SO tired of them just using the original’s title now. ANYTHING would be better… STAB… GHOSTFACE… SCREAMS… SCREAM5… SCREAM AGAIN… SCREAM Forever…

  4. "Something about this one just feels different."

    Nope, Something about this one feels unoriginal and lazy and kinda like a copy of something we've seen before.

  5. wait is this set 25 years after the first one meaning a continuation in the bane of halloween? or 25 years after 4?

  6. can you imagine if the killer would actually be Dewey and Gale working together?? or at least one of them? just saying, cause i have a feeling it might be the case this time 😱

  7. Ah shittte!!! This one actually looks like it's gonna be bomb! This horror movie fanatic is so down for this and some more Myers as well! Bring it!!! 👻🎃🗡💀🎥 🎬

  8. Fuck that they didn't show Jill after She was Supposed to be arrested in the other Trailer .

    Also No Sidney Death In the Trailer but in the Movie Probably.

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