November 28, 2021

35 thoughts on “Ryan Reynolds Won't Shut Up About Wrexham (And Red Notice!) | Netflix

  1. Now there's a coincidence, I watched Red Notice very early this morning and it's great….it's like a cross between Raiders Of The Lost Ark and Captain America: The First Avenger with a lot of comedy and action thrown in. On the subject of it having Welsh subtitles it would be so much better if it was dubbed into Welsh with English subtitles, wouldn't it, @Netflix?

  2. Ryan is hilarious 😂 but he could have chosen premier league team or championship league but anyways good luck

  3. I thought i would hate red notice but Reynolds was funny .

    Gal was so much more charismatic than as Wonder woman .

    Nice little film

  4. 😄 Love the "Savage" part after Robbie Savage gives a shout out hahaha!!!
    Though I've visited Wrexham once during my stay in Wales, I love how Ryan is bringing lots of positive attention to Wrexham.

  5. As someone who is from Wrexham and now lives there again I bloody love this ❤️❤️ Thank you Ryan. Ps I think you are pretty damn amazing

  6. Loved Red Notice!!! When we watched it Wrexham won 5 something!!! My partner us from Wrexham…literally the Ryan Retnolds thing has gone mad!!🤣 🙄 were my partner is watching EVERY SINGLE F@#$% INE OF HIS FILMS!!
    FYI best film and beginning of a film… was his car chase on 6 undergraound! The best car chase I have ever ever seen!!!

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