September 16, 2021

42 thoughts on “Russian Captain America | Marvel Studios’ Black Widow

  1. Russian captain amercia,probably this guy have identity crisis.😂😂😂They could write Russian version of captain America in the thumbnail.😁

  2. hi! ✨its bin8vfx – best marvel series and films and i cant wait to see this marvel black widow, be inspired and thriller in life, (these types of film and series deserve like and love , cuz they makes inspire and makes positive impact in new generations )

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  3. He BARELY fight anyone!
    He runs from prision, he pts on a suit and then get beaten by Taskmaster. That's it.
    I was hoping to see him fight the minions in the Red Room like Cap fought Hidra agents… but frankly, even the fight scenes in this movie left a lot to be desired for.

  4. RED GUARDIAN: I guess you can say. Red Guardian is like the russian Captain America
    NATASHA: I mean, you could say that.
    YELENA: Yeah, we couldn't say that, but you could.


  5. Doctor Strange : I went Forward in Time, Saw all the up coming trailers of Black Widow.
    Tony : How many did you see.
    Doctor Strange : Infinite.
    Tony : You saw anything weired.
    Strange : Russian Captain America.

  6. Those who were expecting SMNWH trailer should stop expecting trailer.
    I don't think they wantee to go over same scenario with Black Widow.
    Like Black Widow got delayed for a year, They wanted to confirm that will they be able to release movie in Dec 2021 or not?
    Definitely we wouldn't want getting trailer only for indefinite hiatus until movie releases for SMNWH. We don't want SMNWH to end up like BW scenario of release.

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