November 28, 2021

33 thoughts on “Rogue Trailer #1 (2020) | Movieclips Trailers

  1. Excellent movie, excellent acting, apart from the main actress, face stuck in one motion like Botox.

  2. The Choppers on BF4 from 2013 has better effects than this Black Hawk on the trailer. hahah but we know why we all are here fore… we still hot 😉

  3. I just don't understand why Megan Fox is pushed to action movies, sure she beautiful, but she can't act these parts at all.

  4. this 'girl power' and 'women are strong' message in the movies that we see now all the time is starting to be a little bit annoying

  5. Somebody thought this was a good idea 💡 watching Megan Fox handle a gun in a baseball hat with full make up on is the greatest comedy yet

  6. Just watched this. Glad I didn't pay to watch it. Kind of dumb in a way but the story line is true. Didn't car for the animated lion. Hated the ending for sure. Anyways the truth of the matter is they should stop killing lions for their skin. Hate that ppl do that. Also sad that there are evil ppl in the world that kidnap lil girls for slaves. Sad to know that this happens every day. Wish this would stop too. Overall fake film real consequences.

  7. Ever since Covid 19 hit these production company’s are spending the bare minimum to make movies😂😂! Shadow in the Clouds vibes

  8. Oh come on Ms Fox!! What the hell!! You are better than this!! Sit down with writers like Andy Sorkin, D. Mammet, guys like W. Goldman, guys like Arthur Miller type writers even Quentin T( forgive spelling)…seek out Jane Campion! There is an insanely great actor in there, I know it! Get past the beauty stuff.. its there, .. its not going anywhere…its called the Golden Ratio…go after what Garbo did, she stopped fretting over her beauty, went after intellect…found the great writers, changed the landscape of cinema then went off into the the sunset with an amazing legacy. Come on Ms Fox!! I beg of you lol..( with all due respect of course) You're just so much better than this!!!

  9. I thought this was going to be about the X-Men member Rogue. You know, the one with the skunk hairstyle that kisses you to death

  10. What a crap movie, including the actors, story line and everything about it, don't waste your time.

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