November 27, 2021

36 thoughts on “Roaring Twenties | Official Teaser | Netflix

  1. Nice job, Netflix, you’ve created a show about what Austinites hate.

    For Austinites born and raised in the area, this show is about the mass exodus of Californians and New Yorkers to the city, driving up house prices and slowly eroding the “Keep Austin Weird” culture, as well as the music scene (multiple venues have closed due to rising lease costs/taxes pre-COVID).

    All of that aside, this looks like The Real World with less drama. That is probably the most egregious flaw with the show.

  2. Wish they would cast people from other parts of the world for once…I tried applying but I couldn’t go through cuz I physically dont live in America.
    I get opening filming locations and everything abroad costs money but come on Netflix I don’t think y’all r running short on cash now r y’all?

    (Also can they please cast people who aren’t conventionally attractive for once 😭
    I understand physical appearance is so big rn, but I wish they would really try to just make a show about real life people who aren’t just more of what we’ve seen already…)

  3. Wow people I don’t care about in a trailer using remixed classical music and an old 50s song because “we’re so quirky and haven’t done that before”

  4. they literally couldn't have chosen oh i don't know, 8 strangers? can't wait until a few years from now when they send these strangers on crazy trips and then a few years later when they have them all fight it out in arenas and race up mountains to see who is the best competitor! shit, someone call bananas, i think i found another revenue stream!

  5. What?! 7 strangers from different backgrounds picked to live in a house? — so groundbreaking, I've never seen this concept done before. Netflix is truly ahead of the game 😒

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