October 21, 2021

44 thoughts on “RESIDENT EVIL: WELCOME TO RACCOON CITY Trailer (2021)

  1. Congratulations to the makers, they managed to fuck up literally everything about the movie. The casting looks NOTHING like the characters, the camerawork is shit, the CGI looks awful, the music couldn't be farther from the mood it is supposed to give and the whole thing looks like some cosplay gone wrong. How this got any sort of funding is beyong me and I see now why they only revealed it this close to the screening, because they would have been trashed if they showed any shred of this abomination in the making, now they will just have some money thrown out the window.

  2. Not impressed, they could of made more effort with the actors to make them resemble the characters more and overall doesn't look like anything special to me. And seriously the music just doesn't go so wheoever is behind this has no vision.

  3. Giving me Silent Hill vibes. The visual aesthetic from the games is faithfully recreated, but nothing else.

  4. I'm going into this as if it came out in the early 2000's in place of the movies we actually got. That way the CGI doesn't matter and only the story.

  5. I like the nod to the 1st games..abit of nostalgia can't go wrong. However the music to the trailer was woefully out of place, cgi looks in worse shape than the zombies. And all in all looks like another s**t RE movie. But hey I haven't seen it yet so could of course be wrong, but if the trailer looks s**t then….

  6. Well, this looks unbelievably crap. The CGI looks like something from the 90’s and I like the way they’ve copied much bigger films by using a famous pop song and tried to make it sound cinematic with added strings to try and sell their piece of shit looking film.

  7. The casting choices are so bad in this. The guy playing Wesker should be Chris, the guy playing Leon should be Carlos and while not as good as the other two, Amell can be Leon. Better already and no need to fire anyone haha…

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