October 19, 2021

30 thoughts on “OVERRIDE Official Trailer (2021) Cyborg Android, New Sci-Fi Movie Trailers HD

  1. Looks like it was close to being a good film but isnt. No one execpt the robot is likable, the tv angle ruins the concept. The VP doesnt need to be there. The ideas are confused.

  2. looks like a california director of porn parodies from the early 2000's made this film.

  3. Why does it have to be the vice president’s son? That’s like saying that Kanye West’s tailor is being held hostage by a robot.
    The notoriety (or lack thereof) of the hostage means nothing in the face of the more pressing situation that he’s a person being held hostage by a robot. That’s a big deal, no matter who it’s happening to.

  4. This looks so bad. The main actress seems to do well as a robot and still convincing voice when she's pretending to be human. But whoever says "mainframe" says it like it was their first time reading that word. And every guy they show is a bad actor, especially Dean Cain

  5. Oh, I just can't get back the 2 minutes and 32 seconds of my wasted life for watching this can I.

  6. Interesting premise. The part where she pulls back the skin on her arm looks a little cheesy but i'd watch this

  7. The chick in this looks like the hottie Jess Impiazzi from the UK Celebrity Big Brother 21. Spitting image. I really enjoyed that season for some reason. EDIT: It actually is her. Wow. Up until BB she really hadn't done a lot. The movies she's been in got 3/10 ratings. This may catapult her career. Not hard to find XXX on here either. Stunning girl.

  8. It could be fun, but I can't help but thinking this looks like a dumber version of Ex Machina.

  9. Damn, looks worth a watch lol…. Anyone recommend it, should I watch or avoid… Cheers, stay safe everyone…

  10. Mind-blowing video, I like & love this very much, thanks a very lot for you, all the best my dear friend.

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