October 21, 2021

23 thoughts on “ONE SHOT Official Trailer (2021) Scott Adkins, Action Movie

  1. omg! Ryan Phillippe with guns again! definitive i'm going to see this! he was great in "way of the gun"

  2. Buy this for 99cent from a trash bin ,,, poor Ryan from lead in a tv show with a budget to his very low budget.

  3. Oh, I thought this was going to be the action movie version of Birdman. I guess that would be 1917 😉

  4. Scott Adkins is my favourite actor & Ashley Greene is my favourite actress/top celeb crush. Unbelievable they are collaborating. O universe, once again.

  5. Scott Adkins is definitely underrated….in my opinion. Not a FANTASTIC actor, but as far as an action star (the moves/the fighting) he is great!

  6. Now in every trailer Rapid Trailer is adding more 20sec simply.
    This leading me to find another channel.

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