October 19, 2021

32 thoughts on “NEW MOVIE TRAILERS (2022 & 2021)

  1. Timestamps For Each Movie:

    0:01 – MoonFall Trailer (2022) Halle Berry

    1:27 – The Wheel Of Time Trailer (2021) Based On A Best Selling Novel

    3:20 – Runt Trailer (2021) Cameron Boyce

    5:03 – Solitary Trailer (2021) Sci-Fi Thriller

    6:38 – Major Grom: Plague Doctor Trailer (2022) Russian Superhero Movie

    8:46 – Boss Level Trailer (2021) Hulu

    11:09 – Spider-man: Far From Home Trailer (2021) Tom Holland

    13:55 – Mayday Trailer (2022) Pyscho Thriller Movie

    16:03 – Snakehead Trailer (2021) Sung Kang Crime Movie

    17:47 – American Boogeywoman Trailer (2021)

    19:38 – Old Henry Trailer (2021)

    23:30 – Shang-Chi Final Trailer (2021) Marvel

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  3. Spiderman: if "everyobody" forget who is spiderman, it includes Peter Parker. Did they think of this ?

  4. Upcoming movies themes seem to to be “me women, me strong, me no need man”. I will be saving money this movie season. Old Henry, looks to be the only good movie here.

  5. Guess this is what movies look like when frustrated feminists show you the world through their stained filter.

  6. Cinema is dead. Garbage rules today… and peoples loves. Today you see 100 movies, 10 is regular, 90 pure trash

  7. Sorry, sorry, but at least The Nut Job 3's real, first, official trailer with its real clips as well.

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