November 28, 2021

24 thoughts on “NEW MOVIE TRAILERS (2021 – 2022) September

  1. Would it kill you to list them in the fucking description? Why would I want to dig through a 30 minute video to figure this shit out? I’m not doing your job for you.

  2. Whoever edited this together could’ve at least left a break between the movie trailers for the title. Or at least give us a time stamp with the title in the description.

    One has been out for months. And another isn’t for a movie.

  3. Might want to check who did the editing after 11 minutes in. Went from one trialer right into the middle of another

  4. Yes, actually you can put a value on human life. Actuaries do it on a daily basis.

  5. "We are going to shove diversity down your throats, after we shove his tongue down her throat. At least we warning you with our diversity trailer, however we could've just made the film without warning you, but that would take away from a diversity trailer. So, we are better than you."–Mothering Sunday

  6. There's a bunch of movies here, but heck if I know what some of them are. There's no gap between any of the clips to tell you "this is the end, starting next" and several of them you chop off the title or there never was a title. If the movies are similar genres then it takes a few seconds to realize "this is a different movie".

  7. Atleast two of these have been out for quite a while now, Grom the Plague Doctor or whatever the hell its called and Boss Level.. I watched both of those atleast a month ago if not more.

  8. Para nosotros los cinefilos una muestra de lo que se viene …para todos los gustos sii mi amigo 😀👍👍👍👋

  9. "timestamps will be added" ……. 10 DAYS ago ………….. as useless as all other thieving youtube channels

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