November 28, 2021

46 thoughts on “NEW MOVIE TRAILERS (2021 – 2022) Sci Fi, Fantasy, Horror

  1. Hey guys, the thumbnail for this compilation of trailers had some gigantic kaiju-looking creature chasing what looks to be a 1940s age car with some random people also running away from the monster. And I wonder where that picture originally came from. So if you have any guesses, let me know. Thank you. 😉

  2. First one looks good and one other one and the rest don't look worth watching. What a disappointment, glad there's other better movies coming out till they showed on here for the rest of this year andn 2022. They should have surely trailer of Jurassic world.

  3. no superhero movies in the bunch! which means they all suck! there just regular movies! nothing you haven't seen already!

  4. It´s kinda sad to see burning asteroids in space while heading towards the Earth in 2021 movie WARNING lol.

  5. Female protagonist….mentions katana….shows katana…..describe demon in katana…..protagonist name is not KATANA?!

  6. From the thumbnail I was hoping for a Cthulu mythos movie from Del Toro. His work is generally always good though. It will still be worth seeing.

  7. This group of trailers screams..” Yeah we’re not sure people are going to the theaters in 2022 because of Covid …so let’s not even bother “ 🙄

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