November 27, 2021

45 thoughts on “NATIONAL CHAMPIONS Trailer (2021)

  1. Nothing like a social justice movie! What about that $50K free education those kids are getting? Anyone consider that? Nah. Can’t get a good job with a hotel/restaurant management degree.

  2. I've never had a problem with college football players getting paid. But people are forgetting the real issue here. Why the hell are we letting these athletes pretend to be scholars? And why the hell have we let institutions built on knowledge become little more than gladiatorial arenas? I went to a big state university and the number of college athletes that "sat in" on classes I had was just disgusting. They'd show up for 1-3 times a semester, despite attendance policies, then somehow miraculously finish the class at the top. And don't give me that "well maybe they're just gifted and smart" bs. Some of these players could barely speak English or tell you what day it was an they were in there beating pre-med students in biology. I cringe every time they show some 300lb sack of potatoes in a jersey in a game and then brag about how he's a 4.0 student in whatever field the coach picked out for him. The real disservice in this whole business isn't that some poor athletes aren't being paid $$, it's that they're masquerading as students. If they truly wanted to fix the system, which they don't of course, they would turn college athletics into a business where you draft/hire/pay people to play to represent your school but they aren't required to take courses. This would leave those seats open to students trying to actually learn. And then you basically give each hired player a 1 year free tuition/fees pass for every year they play for you, redeemable anytime in their lifetime. So all these football players that break a leg or don't get drafted to the pros can do something with their lives later rather than try and sell used cars somewhere.

  3. Had me until he said “They will Kapernick you.” Kapernick was trash & was cut for his lack of productivity & remained unsigned for his distraction as a public figure. As a former college football player, this movie looks good from a fictional stand point but I don’t believe in the bias message they’re putting out there. D1 players get free school, free food & a monthly stipend. In my experience, the players always blew that money on stupid crap like expensive clothes and jewelry & then always came askin us for food/gas money. Its always a victim card, never an accountability. They make poor choices then blame everyone else for the repercussions.

  4. When is someone going to make a movie on why do football players make so much money? To the point they could care less about their fans. Going broke trying to support their team. Because of the high cost a senior game live just so players can get rich and be public Justice Warriors.

  5. A must-watch. I've believed for a long time that college athletes should be getting paid if the college is making millions off them playing. College doesn't even offer insurance for injured players. Yes, they will fix them up if they think they can play again. But if not they have lifelong struggles with lifelong bills from a sport they played in college and didn't get paid for.

  6. My God!!!! It only happens on a blue moon, but when it does, it just puts a smile on your face.

    Brilliantly pieced trailer!!!

  7. Can't wait to watch JK Simmons in movies like this he is simple brilliant.. Wish somebody would have casted him and Sir Daniel day Lewis in a movie… Sadly Sir Lewis has retired

  8. I bet they still play the football game. "Ain't no gaw dang ol American movie have Football in it and not play any Football, sacrilege!!"

  9. Ummm. This movie late to the party. Where are all the comments saying as much? NIL rules went into effect as of 4 months ago! The main character can now get paid!

  10. This movie is a day late and a dollar short after NIL rights has been passed. Basically just posturing at this point.

  11. Everyone wanting this to happen for real…you do realize student athletes can now get paid because of their name and likeness? The current Alabama quarterback has made over 2 million dollars this year.

  12. While I want content about this specific subject matter and the cast looks pretty great, the trailer makes this look amateurish and cheap. Not holding out hope for this one.

  13. Utter garbage story. They filmed this before NIL deals came out, so sucks for them and their pandering story with a message, you know who's got it as good as just about anybody? Yeah collegiate athletes at big time programs, poor little rich girls.

  14. Thats why you have full scholarship….with room on-board. If you cant make it as an athlete you have education so you make it like the rest of the world.

  15. This is like a big Wayne's world joke. Lets talk about a serious topic but then put as much product placement in as we possibly can.

  16. As an Aussie, i'm not familiar with this issue but i have heard about it… Sounds messed up. Good that there's a movie to draw attention to it.
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  17. I hate the "what about other sports?" Argument the one lady brings up (and you hear often). It's simple….. if they don't bring in ANY money, than they don't get paid. Mens football isn't wanting some subsidy or handout from the NCAA or the schools, they simply want a small fraction of the money THEY generate. If Womens basketball brings in enough money to pay the players….. then do it! The problem is no college women's (and even a few mens sports teams) don't bring in any revenue. I just don't understand what that has to do with Football and basketball?

  18. Looks good. Anything that highlights the incredible disparity of wealth and power between the 'haves' and 'have-nots' will get my view.

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